Friday, 26 April 2013

Killing isolation by leaving at shut up calls

Why do we try to start a conversation with something funny but at times we are given the shut up call? I mean I just wanted to talk but then why the shut up call?
Some people don't like our fun talk at times so we shouldn't stick around and let them give us more shut up calls. No matter how much closer they are, leave and give them space cause otherwise they'll break every string in the relationship that holds you two together.
If someone doesn't like you, you leave and don't ever look back. I've been given too many shut up calls and honestly I'm done geting back to them cause after a while they'll still do the same to us so people self respect and self esteem is what should be our most valuable possesion in a group or in a hanging out. If they insult you leave, you don't become the same like them you simply leave with a smile and don't get back to them till they apologise.
You can find friends who'll love to talk to you and listen to you no matter how weird and different you are. Don't give up and don't make friends based on social and economical values. Different flowers make a bouquet so different friends make life worth living

Leave where you're unwanted and walk into the group where they'll value your presence

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  1. I don't entirely agree with this. If someone tells you to shut up, or they shut you out, you shouldn't walk away. You should keep pushing, keep fighting, and not give up on that person. I know. I've shut out so many people who have just left and walked away but I wish that they hadn't or that they would still be around. I wish I hadn't shut them out.