Monday, 29 April 2013

Killing isolation by choosing the right team members

All of us try hard to meet the demands of life and at times we put in too effort but get too little acknowledgement from the people to whom we present but it doesn't matter that what they think, what matters is that you know what's the original story is. So what if they get the temporary edge or they get the acknowledgment for what you worked hard day and night . You can not get them out of the picture cause no one would believe ya. I know that it's hard to let people take for what you worked so hard but we don't have a choice now do we?
What actually matters is that you know the turns that you made to complete a project. Either you make a stand from the start but if you can not do that then don't try to make a stand all of a sudden cause people will push you out of the team and take all the name so choose your team wisely, don't make an edge to get the team in front if your position is not recognised by all the people under you or along you. Play your part just your part if you are treated just as a team member, don't try to play the role of a captain cause in the end it's the credit given to the captain that counts. Just play your part and don't exceed cause you are only questionable for the part you did not for the extra part. If it goes good no one will say nice job or well done to you but if it goes wrong then everyone will say that it was his or her idea that landed us in this mess, that way both guilt and isolation will get you to jump into the never ending pit of Isolation and regret.
Kill isolation by choosing your team members wisely or by playing just your own part.

The one who carried all on his or her shoulders was not recieved with the love he or she deserved but the love was showered on those who were carried on the shoulders.

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