Monday, 29 April 2013

Killing isolation by being what you truly are

If we are to think that it's about being perfect then we are most defimitely wrong. It's about doing what you love with the passion that you have inside. I love blogging and seeing you guys read my posts makes me really happy cause hey someone is reading what I post and that feeling is just like winning a marathon and acing something that you always wanted to ace.
Perfection can never be achieved but you, me and everyone can ace what we love to do.  I've never been good with putting emotions into words but seeing something today it made me kinda emotional and I've been trying to put that feeling into this post.
Don't aim for perfection cause that's not a virtue of humans aim for doing your best and leaving with a smile. Don't wait and look around for someone to notice ya cause they won't notice ya, no one will till you have gold written all over ya. I waited for people to notice me or even acknowledge me but the thing I have learnt is that no one notices till you have something that they want to notice.
In a car park full of mercedes no one will notice you even if you drive the bet of the best cause there'll be other people who ahve the same thing as you, they'll notice if you have something exotic, something different and uinque to offer them.
Don't wait around for the popular people to notice ya cause the popular people aren't the freinds that'll help in the hour of need. Don't freeze yourself in and under isolation, break the ice.
Be what you truly are cause inside we all are weird. Hiding is not a solution rather its isolation.
Do what you love and do it with your heart.

A will filled with passion and love can change the course of life

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  1. I loved this post. For so many reasons. It's so true. Xx