Saturday, 20 April 2013

Realising what's along the journey

Trust is like an umbrella which is only to be offered to the ones who prove their worth to you whether through actions or by words. This life is a long journey where the road on which you're walking has bumps and hurdles, everyone of us falls down cause of the bumps and the hurdles as we rearely look down on the road on which we are walking, the reason to this is that we usually rely on others to guide us where to put the foot and where not to.
At times we are guided and at times we just rely on the wrong sort of people to look out for us. Realizing that we have taken the fall and identifying the bump or the hurdles is the msot important thing that you'll ever learn.If someone breaks your trust it's a lesson learnt. If someone leaves you alone when you were there for them it's a lesson that you sticked with the wrong sort of people. Choosing people is a hard task and yes most of us do fail at this cause it's a huge responsibility as the people you are with reflect your interests and your lifestyle. I'm not enocuraging that you ahng out with the people who you think have good values in them while they ignore you. No you hang out with the good people who acknowledge you and respect you for what you are.
You all are awesome and amazing cause we all have our own specialities some of us are famous while some of us are the shy ones who rarely talk, notice everyone and know everyone's names but we are hardly known by people. Being famous alone is not the key here if your heart's all empty from inside then it's just like living a life of a robot, you're everywhere but then again you're just a 9-5 machine or a front page nothing more than that. Be famous and win hearts so you're wanted, so that you're loved by people. Lend out a helping hand and mix things up in your life to make yourself tangy cause a change after a time is what is the most needed.
I've realised who the right people are and honestly it's just great to see how close they really are, family and the good friends are your right people in life. You don't have to look out for millions of miles for the right people they have always been just a few centimeteres away from you.
Adios me amigas and amigos 

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