Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The first step

So this one post I've been wanting to post for quite a few hours now.
The first step is always the hardest one but once you get going it all seems fun if you go by food it seems delicious. If you take the first step with some motivation I'll guarantee that you won't ever fail to make an impression and a good one. Winning or losing isn't the real deal the real deal is making an impression so that people trust in you and your abilities to turn over table, surprise them by going agaisnt all odds. People say you're weak or you're a slow learner surprise all odds by shinning out with a result that'll dazzle everyone around you.
What I've learned from life uptill now is don't care about your reputation when you're learning some new topics you don't know anything don't try to cheat and make a fake impression that way you won't learn anything you'll just cheat yourself. The fake impression ruin all your reputation cause in the end when the result comes out you can't hide that and then the people will ultimately know about the truth.
So people don't care for the temporary or fake impressions look out for the real deal making the big impression the good one and you'll win hearts.
Take care and adios me amigos and amigas 

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  1. Impressions are hard to make, and most of the time, you only get one chance. I agree that you should make the best of it while you can. Xx