Thursday, 11 April 2013

everything happens for a reason

Hmmm the memories do fade away unless you recall them. why do we recall the things that we lost cause we had some good memories attached to them that no one can replace. All it takes is a second to destroy everything that you had, it takes billions and millions of seconds to even walk a step towards someone.
The human mind is mysterious and it does believe in supersitions. I had an iphone so did she and after we broke up all it seemed to do was to remind me of her and all the poems that  I would write for her, the pictures I would take for her and the calls that we made so it was kinda bringing me back to her smile, her voice and those memories. I changed my phone and I didnt had any songs on this galaxy note. had some good pictures on the iphone so i transferred them to the new phone. but then there came a glitch in my phone and i accidently formatted it. I was kinda angry cause it took me a lot of time to get those photos but I've realised that what happens has a reason behind it and that we should'nt question that reason. All the poems that i wrote for her they were saved as notes on my email address now since i don't use my iphone anymore so I don't have some of the anchors on me that drag me back to the past.
We change a lot but the changes defines the circumstances under which we are living.

The bird sends his greetings.
I'm grateful that a really awesome friend of mine told me about blogging and all that cause it's helping me out a lot to relax and keep a cool.

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