Sunday, 21 April 2013

Don't change

So I've been thinking about what's a true date or the start of a true relationship well it's answer is rather simple the start of something true is with honesty. The day or date on which you can truly see past the masks being worn by the other person, all the lies left behind and just plain honesty spoken that's the start of a true relationship.
If you can look past the lies, the super ficial lies and the charming decisiving words to melt your heart and speak to the person who truly is on the inside then congragulations you've found the right person for whom you were looking for.
If that person is the right one then distance does not count. Honesty and understanding is what matters at all. Don't think that they won't like you if they knew something about you, we all have flaws in us and if you let them know about your true self I'm sure that it will help you guys to connect better.
I've been in those relationship where you have distance all around but what I've learnt from them all of them is that honesty is what connects you and if you let the misunderstandings grow in the relaationship it's hard to steer it away from crashing into an inceberg. Heartbreaks yeah there'll be broken hearts if you don't have the right person with you. Honestly you're perfect the way you are don't change yourself to impress anyone, don't cross your moral boundaries your own laws don't ever cross them for anyone cause none will do the same when in a relationship. You have to find the people who can cross boundaries for you like you can do the same for them.
Some one once said to me that only a very few people could say that she was once their well I was the quite opposite so I got rejected anyhow she's an amazing person and she has every right to hate me so no complains there.
Just hold on to the right person when you find em. Don't go on looking for the most beautiful or the popular girl or guy stick with the ones who's your type the shadows at times stick with you better than the others, the silent ones are more expressive if they want to express themselves. Be what you are if you're a shadow then look for a shadow cause shadow and light don't go hand in hand.
Don't change ever yourself. Love yourself and be proud

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  1. Couldn't have said it better myself. Xx