Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Are we making people go into Isolation?

So this is a question and it holds significance importance as it involves all of us.
All of us meet new people, make new friends and at times we forget our old friends cause the seems to be in fashion and the old seems out of fashion. When we leave the old friends we make them feel isolated cause they are alone with no one to talk as their friends have left em for the new and in fashion buds. We get so lost in the new friends that we made that we hardly find time to catch up with our old friends, we will always make plans that I'm gonna text him/her today but we don't cause everything comes to our mind when we think of catching up with them. It maybe days, weeks or months before we realize that we getting distant from them. They do realize that we aren't there anymore and that we have found new friends to hang out with.
We are heartless at times you times, we talk to them when we need to and then we forget them just like that but is there any guarantee that our new buds will stand out with us like em? There's no answer to that not until a times comes where you get to see them with your own eyes and then you can't deny the results now can you? They may stick and they may not. Everyone has their own reasons.
I'm not saying that your new buds won't be good or supportive I'm just saying that be there for your friends who stood up for you when no one did. Talking to them, hearing them and helping them out will make them realize that you still care for them and that you're here, that'll make them feel better, feel loved and most of all they'll come out of the isolation and open up to you.
Be there for them and help them cause it's hurtful to know that they've changed so much and in most of the ways. Love em and make em feel loved cause love kills isolation.
If isolation is darkness then love is hope. If isolation is a desert then love is a river.

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  1. People grow and things change. You gain friends and people, but you lose them too. Sometimes it just seems impossible to keep up with everyone and everything, but it sin't always impossible. Having people, and losing people is a part of life. It's what makes you grow.