Saturday, 27 April 2013

Killing isolation with self confidence

It's about reaching out and grabbing the oppertunity when you see the chance. People will say a lot of things to let you down just because they don't want competition coming along their way. Even if you think you're weak you are wrong cause everyone has an equal chance of winning the marathon of life. Giving up is really easy and so is being relaxed but the thing is that if you don't take the stress now your whole life will be filled with stress. Isolating yourself by thinking that you're weak is not an option, make yourself known, speak up and let people know that you're there. It doesn't matter if you're a slow learner it's about clicking at the right time. Everytime someone tries to bring you down smile and pass along their offer.
Even if you don't have a chance give it your best try cause miracles do happen in this world,
Isolating someone is the easiest task to let them off the track cause then they don't believe in the themselves and there goes the self confidence and then it's easy for the people to win.
Giving importance to the words that bring you down is like allowing the enemy to invade and opening your gates for them.
Breathe in a deep breath of confidence and tell yourself that you can do it.
Kill Isolation with self confidence cause like bono said
"What you got they can't steal it 
No they can't even feel it 
Walk on, walk on... " 

So walk on with your head held and soul drenched in self confidence with the aim of killing your isolation with self confidence

A click is not heard in the brightest people cause they have lost their click, your click is hidden inside.

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  1. Self confidence is a hard thing to come by. But I do agree that that is the best way to get over isolation. Keep in mind though, that isolation isn't always a bad thing. Xx