Saturday, 27 April 2013

Kill isolation by breathing in hope

I At times when you hear something which is said about you, you just fall down from the clouds of confidence and into the ground. One sentence can change around everything, the ending of your day, the mood, the ambitions, the dreams and the hope. Why? Why does a one simple sentence uttered causes so much pain to the listener.The answer is simple that person holds importance to us whether mother, father, sibling, child, teacher or a friend. 
Don't let go of hope even if you hear stuff from people who hold importance in your life cause your life and their is different. They don't live your life so they only know what they can see.
So know what you know, believe in your self and in your dreams, don't give up cause you heard someone saying something about you, keep your confidence and your head should be held high cause it's all about delivering what you got in you.
So kill Isolation by breathing in hope and exhaling out the negativity. You're you unique in your own way so cheer up cause you're just like a limited car model there's only a very few like you.

If you are to choose between beauty and confidence choose confidence cause the beauty fades away but the impression stands forever.

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  1. I really like the quotes you've started putting at the ends of your posts. (: Keep it up. Xx