Wednesday, 10 April 2013

All the memories in 5 minutes

This sunday I was sitting all alone in the car for about half and hour or so i was free did'nt had anything to do so memories came back to haunt me like they do to all of us not all but some of us.I wrote down what i felt like during that time.

"There are these patches of memories that come into my head all of a sudden when I'm alone. Things around me would remind me of my ex, how she was and all that. Honestly that feeling is killing me from inside and I desperately want out. I want to run away and just forget those times cause there's no way that we can go back to what we were. 
I wish I could change things but I can't I wish I could just run away but I can't. I don't know how long it'll take or how much more time I'll need to let go of her thoughts and her views but they're definitely sticking all over my mind. 
Being in love sounds dreamy but the aftermath is a nightmare you just want to run away but you can't all you can do is pretend that you're happy and smile in front of every person that you meet every single day so no one knows what you're enduring".

People may think that I'm weird for always carrying my headphones on me wherever i go but i have a reason to do so when i listen to tunes, melodies, songs, lyrics and beats my mind doesn't let me think of her. Yes using headphones does isolate me and in a way it's negative that's agreed but it does give me a well needed break. like I'll plug in my headphones during the break between the two mega classes and listen to something which would provide me with an alternative to a power nap so thus i feel refreshed. I used to make sketches on my phone but then there came a glitch in the memory and i accidently unknowingly formatted the whole memory and which caused me a loss of some good songs that's a huge hit. Now sketching seems a tough work cause there are a lot of girls and they do get suspicious at what you're doing. 
Still trying to get over the ex hopefully will get there soonish.


  1. Don't worry about what other people think of what you're doing. If you want to sketch, then sketch for you. After all, it's not their drawing, is it? No. It's yours.
    Carrying music around isn't a bad thing. I do it all the time. I never go anywhere without my Ipod, so it's pretty standard. You're not weird for doing it;everyone does it.
    Good luck on the blog.