Monday, 29 April 2013

Killing isolation by expecting what should be expected.

It's about mid night and I'm sleepy but I wanted to make this post before I hit the hay.
At times we expect the desired answer but it's not always that we get what we desired for, At times it's the quite opposite to what we had expected but it's not that we can implement our desired answer on anyone or that we can just get what we wanted to hear. Some of us go into isolation cause of the thump or a shock of not getting the desired answer while some of us never look back.
In a way it's our fault cause we expected too much but the reply was just too little and it wasn't helping in anyway to get back on the feet. I may not make sense cause somethings experienced can't be put in words nor can they be described.
Feelings once lost don't come back. Trust once broken can't be rebuilt with ease and the once who leave don't come back easy.
Kill isolation by expecting what should be expected.

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  1. If you expect what should be expected, then in a way, that can kill hope. I'm sure there is a balance in there somewhere, but it'd be pretty difficult to find. Congrats to anyone that has found it. Xx Including you. Where are you in all of this?