Sunday, 21 April 2013

The simple gifts

At times we all ask something which according to us are not a big deal but that not a big deal thing does mean a big deal to some people and we don't realise what we are asking until we get to know the whole story and in knowing the whole story we hurt people and yet we don't realize. We do realize but only when it's too late cause we did hurt someone and nothing can change that. No sorry no apology can take back what has happened, they have a big heart that they choose to forgive us.
Don't pin point people on the bases of religion, preferances, sexuality, choices, priorities, race, colour and life style cause nothing remains still forever I mean sometime later on you may go on choosing the same path. Don't insult people on the bases that they aren't cool according to your cool scale. Don't break a heart cause you may think that a girl is just a toy, they aren't toys man when you'll be treated like a toy you'll know how much it hurts. Don't walk away from the mess that you have made and don't leave out on a friend cause they were there for you but now when they need you you're no where to be found or you don't acknowledge their presence. Simple things are what makes life beautiful. Your one act of stupidity breaks a heart and can even take away a life. One sentence and all what you had could be broken down into a million pieces.
Love the people around you cause life's a gift and the memories are to cheerished. Don't break a heart, mend a heart whenever you can. Don't insult anyone spread love wherever you can and make friends. Don't put salt on a wound, put a bandage over it and heal it.
Love and care are the two simplest gifts that you can give to anyone that'll make them feel better about their lives.
Adios me amigas and me amigos

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