Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Two things matter the most in troubled times
1) Family
2) Some really close friends
Don't take any of them for granted otherewise you'll end up just like me.
Parents and siblings they are your rock if you're gonna blow that rock uo who will let you lean on for support lemme answer that NONE!.
Friends the close ones they are your eyes when you need em leave them away and you won't ever see what's coming at you.
Don't listen to people telling you that they're weird or anything even if they are weird so what? Don't they help you when you need help? You think your mom or dad is strict but come on honestly will the passing by people guide you.
Does your gf or bf know better or the people who raised you know better? think about it?
Does the friend who you've known for a few weeks know you better or the friend who's known for years?

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