Sunday, 14 April 2013

The one bestie

This post goes out to my bestie who passed away in January 2013.
I got tears in my eyes cause I had that flashback of the memories that we shared. I regret ditching you for someone else cause she left me which was bound to happen but I ditched hanging out with you for her. You left this world that sent an earthquake in my life and knwoing that I couldnt meet you or say a good bye to you it's just killing me. Yeah I got teary eyes cause you were a brother to me man and it's just memories that i got on me nothing can bring back the past and nothing can bring you back into this world.

All the times that we shared took off when the reality came along
All the laughs that we laughed are stored in the photos that we clicked
There aint gonna be anyone who'd replace your place
Life ain't the same without you here

A smile does not feel like joy on the lips it's rather a burden
A laugh ain't a laugh it's cry concealed behind the mask
I look around the corridors to see if I can find ya but you ain't there
The walls of college decieve me when i get flashbacks

None to bond the trio together and none to hang around with
Life lost it's good side when you left this world
There'll be a thousand friends that I may have but only one bestie among em

Miss you man. You honestly were the bestest best friend that I'll ever have and I'm sorry that i ditched you for someone whom I thought would stick around with me till the end.


  1. I wished there were words that describe "Oh..I am so sorry" better because I feel this. But.. I am really sorry.

  2. I feel this too, in more than one way. I am sorry that you lost someone so close to you, and that I could be one of them. But you're strong, and kind. Even though you've been through hell and back, you still help everyone. You're amazing. Xx