Monday, 22 April 2013

Killing Isolation part 1

We all I mean all of us are responsible for making people go into isolation. We laugh off something they say without realising how much that could hurt them, if there's an argument going on we just like to squish the other person and reject their information but have you ever felt it when you worked so hard but no one ever gave a damn? They may be wrong but that does not take away the right of speech and expression from them if you're right then why don't you get them over on your side. If you think that you can not do that then it's best to stay silent on the subject and not hurt their feelings cause we don't know what's their story is.
Something happened today, a friend of mine she got called names like a liar and etc cause of an arguement, but the people who called her names do they know her whole story? Nope, there's this blindfold of being right on their eyes well let me tell you something, you may be hot, you maybe beautiful, cute, popular and whatever you are but this won't stay forever. You made her leave, you hurt her and frankly it's pathethic when all of us do that. I'm putting it here so that everyone can know how we hurt people without realising and most us don't even realise anything.
She has a big heart that she did'nt say anything, she could have abused them, rediculed them or make fun of them but she didn't she chose to leave cause she has a big heart. People like her are those who are always there for people, but when they need help people make fun of them. She's my friend and I'm glad that she's my friend cause I learnt something today and honestly the same thing happened to me but it was in college with all my so called friends going agaisnt me.
When you meet people like her you should try to understand them, help them, hang out with them cause weird, different whatever everyone may call them they'll be there for you when you need them but will you do the same for them or will you join the rest of the crew and make fun of them?
This is a step towards killing isolation and making people understand that there are people who are shy, they need people to be their friends and help them cause that's what friends are supposed to do. Don't be a seasonal friend or a windy friend. Talk to them, make the first move cause they want someone to come along go and be that person.
Kill isolation and let them talk, let the world know their ideas, arguements and thoughts don't keep them locked behind the chains of  everyone's thoughts.

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  1. It is impossible to know someones story. Their past. How your words will affect them. You can never know, no matter how much you might try. Everyone needs to be careful with their words, but rarely people do. Xx