Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Killing isolation by stop pretending

Isolation is everyone's problem. Both directly and indirectly we all suffer from the aftermath of isolation.
Family, friends, acquaintances, class fellows, neighbours and even random people that we come across walking down the road, in the train, park, stores and other places everyone in his or her life is  isolated in one way or another. People don't want to open up even to their helpers, I'll quote my own example if I get something wrong I'll not ask for help, if I get a question wrong I'll never tell it to anyone. Why? It's simple I don't want people to know my flaws.
I'm studying right so if I fall now it's better than falling down the cliff in the exams. Be different, ask things, clear doubts away so that you ace your exams. My mother said to me if you don't know something just accept it and learn it, don't waste time making up impressions cause the only real impression will be expressed when you have a result with A+ written all over it.
We all pretend, isolate just so that we may seem flawless to everyone else, well my friends that's plain wrong.  Pretending won't get you, me or anyone no where.
Discussions lead to a better understanding cause we get to know of everyone else's views and it also clears away the doubts present in your mind, which does wonders when you're about to write your answers on the exam paper.
Similarly, when you have issues it's best to discuss them and get rid of them ASAP. If you'll let them cling onto you then you'll fail. Isolation may seem a temporary solution but are you ready to hide for all of your life?
Kill Isolation, talk, smile and laugh.

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  1. Find strength in exploiting your flaws, because knowing them makes you stronger.
    I isolate a lot, and I put up a front and I pretend. I am who I want people think I am. But I don't actually know the me underneath. Or I do, but I isolate and pretend because I don't want anyone to see the me underneath. I hate her. It doesn't always work, but it seems to be working pretty well for me right now.
    It feels almost impossible to un-isolate myself. I don't remember how to talk to people, how to be around people anymore. It's much easier just to be by myself.