Monday, 29 April 2013

Thank you Ma'am

After attending the final parting lecture on moral ethics given by the college principal I just can't find the words to describe the feelings by words cause words fall short whenever I think about the fact that she given us more than what some of us deserved, the right to study in one of the most prestigious institutions in the whole city, dedication and the kind of love you expect from someone who's like a mother to you and words they just desert me cause words are only suitable for things which can be measured or weighed.

I don't know if you'd remember this Ma'am but at the day of the interview, my file was incomplete and I was shaking cause I wanted to get into your institution with all of my heart. When you told me that my file was missing out some details I was worried that you might reject me but your kind and helping attitude it just made me realise that I was in the right place. Through out the whole 2 years I loved being in J.T cause it made me feel like I was under the supervision of my own mother. 
The last 2 years in J.T are the best years of my life though I lost my really good friend but it was at this place that I befriended him. 
I write a blog in my free time and people like what I write but today what you said was right that "whatever you are it's all because of the grooming you got from J.T"
People would say that writing a blog is a waste of time but I help a few people not a lot but just a few and knowing that I helped someone it just makes things better. I help cause I have seen you helping out the students like we are your own sons.
People from all over the world read this blog and they like what I write it but the credit doesn't go out to me it goes out to you Ma'am.
Thank you Ma'am for taking me into your institution cause I'm proud to be a J.T grammarian. I did not have a good result when I entered the gates of J.T but I'll try my best to make you and all my teachers proud.
Time flies when you are having a good time and these 2 years it did fly cause it just feels like yesterday that I attended my first class here and now that I attended the last lecture given by you I left with all smiles. 

Mrs Rehman, Miss Faiqa and Miss Fareeha you are doing a wonderful job and I just don't have the words to thank you for all the love and dedication.

A silent student of J.T

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