Thursday, 25 April 2013

Killing Isolation with hope

Killing isolation is a tough job. Most of us when hear somethings that brings down our castle of dreams, with words uttered by people known and unkown, give up and choose isolation as a refuge. No one can predict what'll happen tomorrow. Lines, horoscope and everything it's just a guess. Some people like to play us by probability well looking at probability let me clarify that this universe is just like a radioactive decay process where every nucleus holds a constant probability of decay per unit time. It doesn't matter if someone says that you won't get into your dream college, or you won't get to be a doctor, singer, photographer, actor or actress, it doesn't matter cause who are they?
If what people say is correct then Einstein would'nt have been famous. This world is vicious and honestly people don't want you in the run for the competition so are you gonna give up your dreams and your hope for what isolation and always being the loser?
Nah you don't give up the hope, you stay strong and don't give up cause giving up is easy but without a reward, struggling is hard and tough but with a sweet reward.
Don't let go of hope, dream on and work hard to change your dreams into reality.

The ones who gave up hope, cried an ocean when they came to know how close they were to their dreams.

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  1. Hope is hard to hold on to, and I may think I don't have any hope left, but I'm still here. I am here almost a month later, from April 1. So I have hope. And you can as well. Everyone can, even if they don't realize that they have hope. It's always possible. Even if it is subconsciously.