Sunday, 28 April 2013

Killing isolation with trust

Some of us like to wear masks and make up to hide the scars of the past but you know it just takes  few seconds for someone who cares to read what's going on in your life to look behind the masks and the makeup and straight into the eyes. It's good to wear a mask or make up cause that way only the people who can care to see past the superficiality can come and talk to us about those scars. This poem or free vereses go out for the masks and the make up wearers. 
Kill isolation by revealing your true self to a very few trusted people

You try to put up a smile on your lips
With an empty heart you find the courage to put it up there

The glossy lipstick reflects the glitters that you wear
To hide the wounds of your broken dreams

You wear the eyeliner to cover up the tears in your eyes
The tears that drag you back to the lonely nights without the moon

You put makeup on your cheeks to cover up the bruises
The bruises of broken trust and betrayal

You put on the mask of disguise to stand with the crowd
But yet your colours give out a vibe of emptiness

You try to fool me with those fake words of hope
But you forget that I peeled off the skin to blend in with the crowd

1 comment:

  1. Keeping up a mask can also be bad,m because then you never actually let your true self shine through, and then you can never grow and live. Putting up a mask is a cop out. But I do it, so I guess I can't harp on it too much. I understand it. Xx