Thursday, 11 April 2013

This year hasn't been the greatest cause it started with a bang and here bang refers to the loss of my best friend. then came along tension and stress.
To the people reading this post I have a question. 
Why do people not acknowledge the presence of a person when they're alive but when they pass away we all hear a lot of things. Why? Why can't you help them so that they won't take their own life? why does your conscience awaken so late? why can't you help someone understand a topic or simply hand out a flower to say that they're beautiful just to make them happy. 
Till we are happy we don't even think about suicide but why do you take away the happiness from someone's life with such a force that they break. 
Take a moment do a deed. hand out a flower. lend a helping hand. be there for someone you'll be proud of yourself. don't be heartless cause the world is filled with heartless folks.
Make someone happy when they're alive cause the regret of not doing so when they aren't here  won't bring em back.
Peace out

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