Sunday, 14 April 2013

Good people help you connect

So today I again had a flashback moment but it was a short lived one. At times the short lived events have a big impact on your day. When you have everything in your grasp but you still can't take it how does it feel? It feels like you're living in prison but then you meet people who help you to connect with yourself the way you should have been now that's a good ending for the day.
Photography makes me happy and I know that you're better than me but the thing is I take photos with my phone and you guys have DSLR cameras so i know you're in the lead but still i think i put up a tough fight.
And to the friend from whom I got to know about blogging you're awesomly amazing. this photo is for you. So smile me amiga
Worry not muchachos cause I'm gonna get a DSLR camera pretty soon and then we can settle the score haha jk you guys all of you are the best and I love seeing your photos they makes me want to take a photo to live up to challenge but there's only so much this little baby's camera can do. It's not little, here an ironic term is being applied well it'll be a baby note compared to the newer models but I'm happy with my galaxy note.
So thank you all of you once again but beware a solid fight I will put up with ya.
See ya folks. Adios muchachos 

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