Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Killing isolation

Killing isolation is not easy and it takes a lot of effort to open up to people but yes it is a permanent solution from all the mental stress. When you hide everything inside your head you tend to make wrong decisions.Try and find that right person to whom you can open up to. 
Everyone needs someone to talk to about how their life and discuss some matters cause discussions leads to a better answer cause when your converge different opinions keeping all the expected results in mind you can make a better desicion cause life is all about learning from one another. If you won't learn you won't get ahead.
Everyone can follow anyone but not anyone can be a leader. Talk, understand, think, ponder and keep views in mind to finally reach a conclusion. People who hold our hands to help us cross the road are the leaders. The question here is that are you fit to hold someone's hand? 
Kill isolation by discussing everything and anything that you can find your views on and the contradictions on the views held by others on a specific topic but keep your cool in a discussion cause some of us have trouble with controlling the emotions.

Learning is the first step of leading and isolating is the first step of being a follower.

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  1. In my experience, I have found that opening up to people gets me nowhere. It achieves basically nothing, and only serves to get you hurt. I am continuously denying myself the right to have close friends and people like that, because all it leads to is getting hurt. It never actually achieves anything useful.
    I don't however, agree that "isolating is the first step to being a follower." I isolate a lot, but I follow no one. I am my own person, on my own. Xx