Thursday, 25 April 2013

killing isolation with your voice

Why do we keep silence as our closest ally even when we want to speak, let people know that we can do something too? Why do we await for acknowledgement and then take the next step towards out dreams?
If someone does not want to acknowledge you then why stick around and waste your time on those people?
Leave what the people say and just speak out your ideas cause your idea will be different and different is what makes life beautiful. If we all looked the same would we be oursleves? Similarly if we were to follow everyone it would simply make us a clone, a copy of them so wherever your ideas are different you should speak your mind out and share those ideas.
If you are always gonna follow others then you better give up creativity cause you can't use imagination if you're gonna follow orders from someone and do things their way.
Speak and share your ideas. Who knows that your ideas might be better than them or you can improve your ideas and polish them after discussion so don't go on the silent or humming mode speak your mind out and then work on it.
Even if you think your ideas are stupid or weird you shoud share them by a voice which is and will be heard that's your own voice, use it and win. If you keep it suppressed then be prepared to leave your spot and move down on the ranks cause someone else will speak and move ahead.

The one who follows never leads, the one who takes charge leads.

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  1. Again, easier said than done. But I have seen a few people find their voices, find their place to be their own person, instead of a follower. It's a wonderful thing to see, and I wish more people could find it. We just have to help them. Xx